Ubuntu 24 10 and Debian 13 Trixie to Feature New Cli

Title: Ubuntu 24.10 and Debian Trixie Are Getting a Refined APT Command-Line Interface Summary: The APT 3.0 package manager is getting a completely revamped UI with columnar display, support for colors, and much more. Source

How to Harden Openssh on Ubuntu 20.04

Title: Hardening Your OpenSSH Server on Ubuntu 20.04 Summary: This tutorial focuses on enhancing the security of your OpenSSH server on Ubuntu 20.04 by implementing various hardening configurations. It begins with a general overview of SSH server administration and emphasizes the importance of securing the server as it serves as the primary entry point into your system. Source

CVE-2024-3094: Critical RCE Vulnerability in XZ Utils

Title: CVE-2024-3094: Critical RCE Vulnerability Found in ZX Utils Summary: A critical supply chain compromise, CVE-2024-3094, has been detected in XZ Utils Data compression library versions 5.6.0 and 5.6.1. This vulnerability may lead to Remote Code Execution (RCE) via SSH authentication in specific versions of certain Linux distributions. Source